Behavior Tree or Script?

Hey there,

not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, feel free to redirect me if it’s not.

I’m making a turn-based combat system, and before I start working on what the enemies should do, I’d like to be sure of something (also because I am a beginner).

I am planning to do the whole “enemy AI” in script rather that in behavior tree. The main reason being, BTs tick every frame or so, which I don’t need in a turn-based combat when they will often do nothing, waiting for the player. So using a BT in this context feels like a waste of performances (even if I don’t think I’ll have a lot of AIs at the same time). I also don’t need a dynamic reaction to player actions, which is one of the benefits of behavior trees.

So my plan is to do it all in script, probably using a custom event that would fire at the start of each turn, gathering data and then use that data to make a decision.

So my question is very simple: is this a good call, or is it completely stupid? Of course I expect the answer to be less clear-cut than that, but I would like to avoid spending a lot of time working on a script only to end up realizing that was a bad decision for the start.

Thank you!