Behavior Tree Not Saving

I was trying to fix a bug for the longest time and figured out that the reason I haven’t fixed it yet is because my changes were not being saved…

  • I have a blackboard variable that is unused.
  • I have a service in a selector node that has the wrong variable linked.

When I remove the blackboard variable and change the service node’s variable the proper one and hit save, changes are not made in game or in my files. It looks like they were made in the editor but if I close the editor and reload it, the behavior tree is not updated and the unused variable is back and the TargetLocation variable in the service node is pointing to the TargetFollow variable again (which is invalid because its giving an object when it expects a vector).


Make sure there is only one instance of the Editor active.

Yes, they should not allow more than 1 editor process to be executed at a time; this is possible at least on windows.
I had issues like that and was because there were *dead *editor processes running on background.