Behavior Tree Not behaving

OK, starting to relearn Unreal and work on some AI and behavior Trees. I have been following several tutorials, understand them but was not expecting the issue I am having.

Below is a pic of my simple BT for a drone flying around in a room. I had a 5 second wait and it was taking too long for the drone to get the next random position and proceed, so I cut it down to 1 second and no change finally deleted the wait and still same result.

The drone finds the random location, moves to the location and then sits on the Move too location for about 5-6 seconds before the BT Sequences again and moves to the next location.

What can I look for that may be causing the drone to wait so long? This is a fairly blank project so no changes that I can think of I have made that would impact the timing at all.

Can you share a screenshot of the level and highlight some of the locations where it is happening? Also, can you log PatrolLocation and the drone’s actual location and see if they match?

The behavior that you describe makes me think that the target location is out of reach for the drone, so it gets stuck at the closest location it can reach and then tries to go on without success until the AI task finally times out and the BT can start over.

I thought that too. For testing I simply use the FPS starter kit level. I changed the search radius and it still does it when it finds a location at 75 or whether it is 1000.

However, I purchased the drone from the marketplace to save time in creation. Now I am thinking perhaps even though I was thinking I broke the animations, since turning, ect does not work, maybe the drone is waiting for the idle animation to finish or some other animation but it simply can’t do the actual animation.

My next step was to to get the animation working so maybe I need to start tracking that down. At least the issue is teaching me and bringing back some knowledge of how to debug and test. But Animations was not something I touched much on in the past.

But there is definitely something causing it to hang at the Moveto location.

FYI… I also plan on using EQS queries, so perhaps that will change the behavior a little as well. Still digging on what the real issue is.

You can pinpoint it by taking the animation away completely and seeing if it works as expected. If so, there’s something wrong in the anim BP. If not, the error is most likely somewhere in the AI code.

I used a completely different asset with no animations and had same issue. I figured it was just the timing of the ticks or something in the engine. Anyway, I am going down the path of using AIperception, I think that is what is missing. Since the behavior I am looking for will eventually make this issue a moot point I should probably close this.

Thanks for the help/suggestions but I don’t think I need to resolve that - yet. Unless it comes back on this next implementation.