Behavior Tree MoveTo node and custom AIMoveTo node not succeeding. (4.14)

I have an AI in my VR project that moves towards a dummy actor that follows the player around in roomscale. I set the dummy actor’s location to the camera’s position every tick because I want the zombie to be able to constantly update its moveto position while the player moves (Track Moving Goal in MoveTo node). With a roomscale setup the actual Player character actor is always in the center of the room so it cannot be used (Hence the dummy actor).

The issue is I am not getting success to fire in moveto nodes no matter the acceptable radius setting. The AI moves directly to the position of the actor, ignoring stop on overlap and acceptable Radius settings and never leaving the MoveTo node despite stopping.

I used this tutorial right here , the only difference is I added a wait command 3rd in line after the top selector to give the ai something to do when no conditions are met.

I honestly have no idea what is happening or why the default MoveTo Node, or the custom one using an AIMoveTo never succeeds. The RapidMoveTo node looks like this

Any help would be appreciated. I am on 4.14.

Why the weird branch check before the moveto? Try eliminating that first. Second check that your AI Con ref points to the right thing. Third, add a print string on fail.

The other thing that might be happening is the acceptable radius might apply only to move to destination and not move to actor. Check that as I’ve never used this node so I wouldn’t know.