Behavior Tree Issues

Hello!, Once again i have a slight issue that is very much driving me mad heh…

I recently started to work more with behavior trees and i really like what i see!, Being able to debug your AI in realtime is a incredible tool that saves up a lot of work

So far i have created a basic behavior for “Customers” that can arrive on a tavern, once spawned they arrive to the tavern and take a seat if available , finally they order a drink

To mix up a bit behavior if they cant find a seat i want them to wander arround for a while and have a random chance to exit the tavern / leave

So for this i created a decorator that aborts the lower-priority tasks if the customer cant find a seat , then proceed to wander

Thats my behavior tree

The issue is that once the behavior tree executes the Middle path (CantFindSeat allows execution and calls the wander sequence ) EACH customer in the tavern, even if they have a seat or not start wandering arround, this should only affect customers that dont have a seat

Here are some pictures showing off the CantFindSeat decorator

Id like to also ask if thisis a right layout for the behavior tree , since im not very well experienced with them im just trying to make sure im going the right way, Thanks