BEHAVIOR TREE - Getting AI to hear player?

I have an AI setup with behavior tree, however it only finds the player based on vision. I’ve got it to work without using a PawnSensing component, but am a bit stumped when it comes to getting the AI to hear the player and investigate sounds.

I’m really new to AI and so far have grasped an understanding on how it works in UE4, yet I’m still a bit lost when it comes to what components can be/need to be used. Can you use a Pawn Sensing component on an actor while still using the Behavior Tree? Also, I’m assuming my player character will have to emit sound, correct?

I’ve watched a lot of different tutorials on the matter, but they all seem to have a different approach and have had a difficult time finding one based on sound. Would someone be able to point me in the correct direction?


Hi mws87,

I’m also fairly new to AI systems in UE4 and how all the process works however I think that you may want to look at the new AI Perception Component which allows a number of settings based on sight hearing and so on…
You may want to look at this Quick AI Perception Jump Start link I found

I know for sure that it works with behaviour trees since I’m also using it…

Plus as a side note I found this other post in which somebody asks if using the AI Perception Component over the Pawn Sensing Component is the right way to go…the first answer given states that actually the AI Perception Component is meant to replace the PawnSensing Component which will be most likely deprecated in the future…here’s the link

Hope this helped a bit good luck

Awesome, thank you so much! I’ll give these a look over