behavior tree flow problem

I want to do what I think is something very simple. An AI waits for an actor to be spawned. When it is, the AI goes to it, picks it up, and puts it in a spot. Then the AI walks back to where it was before. When I am spawning the actor to pick up I’m just flipping a boolean in a blueprint that I then reference in the BT. The selector is updating the “NewPieceSpawned” key and then the decorator is checking when there is a change. When there is, the sequence aborts. The problem is, is that a new actor was spawned and the sequence only runs every other time.
Any ideas how I could get this to work? Been wracking my brain for the past few days and getting no where…trying many different options. I just ultimately am having a very hard time wrapping my head around BT logic.

Here what I have at the moment: