Behavior Tree Decorators Don't Abort?

Hello there! I’m not new to Unreal, but at the same time I’m still somewhat of a returning player. Behavior trees especially have always given me some grief. I’m trying to make a basic enemy template where the enemy has two basic modes; seeing the player and attacking, and not seeing the player while wandering aimlessly. I’ve actually got it all set up and each individual state functions as intended. I’m trying to make the enemy switch between both states immediately upon seeing/losing sight of the player. However the enemy finishes out each branch completely before making another sight check with my current setup. I thought this was the point of the ‘observer aborts’ option on each decorator, however I get the same results no matter what it’s set to. What am I misunderstanding here? Happy to post more pictures if need be!

Update: I figured out my problem is that the wait tasks simply don’t abort. I can’t seem to figure out any more than that at the moment. If anybody knows how to set up an abortable wait task/workaround in a behavior tree lemme know