Behavior Tree - Decorator dosen't stop a task


if the decorator variable changes to true the task runs further for another < 5seconds. I think the task (the build in) “Move To” runs for 5 seconds befor it consider decorator changes.
So, isn’t there a way to abort it if the value change? I thought the “flow control” is for this purpose but nope, no change.


And yes, the variable changes the way I want. :slight_smile:

sorry a /push


Based on your screenshot, if you want the IsBlocked decorator to abort the MoveTo task, you will need to set the “Observer Aborts” property of the decorator to “Self.” Once you do this and select the decorator, you should see a colored outline on the nodes of the tree that the decorator can abort.

For more information take a look at the behavior tree documentation. There is a quickstart guide:

QuickStart Guide

As well as the general behavior tree documentation:

Behavior Tree Documentation

Also, here is a post that Daniel made on the forums about the observer aborting feature:

How Observer Abort Works

I hope that helps.

Thanks for your answer. I looked more in to it and tested some things. “Aborts self” is the solution but only if the Ai can’t move per NavMesh on the same time.
The character can run around the Ai even it’s stated “blocked”. So long it doesn’t touch the char it takes 2-3 more seconds befor it jump(reset blocked).