Behavior Tree Check too fast.

I am scripting an AI to use a behavior tree.

The behavior tree works in transitioning into different behaviors based on ENUM and Bools.

My issue right now that has me stuck is when I enter one sequence, this sequence has a decorator black board key to enter and exit the sequence.

What this sequence does is check if it is close to my character and depending on the distance it either keeps looping the sequence and runs away or triggers a service that changes the ENUm to go to the next sequence.

The problem is, the service that checks the distance fires right away, and since my player character is already inside the distance to make the ENUM change it happens immediately upon entering the sequence where the AI should be running away.

im not sure what options I have here. any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated!

Solved. I was able to figure it out. I put a sequence prior to the check and made the AI move far away before starting to check distance =)