Behavior Tree Backing to root

I am fairly new to behavior trees, and trying to get used to them I can not find out for the life of me what is wrong with this

So, he checks to see if his stamina or hunger is below acceptable level, I set it high so it pops quick, if higher than acceptable he randomly runs if not he is suppose to look for food, but when the bool “IsBored” switches to false. The behavior tree backs to the root and sits there. Is there something I’m missing?

Ok so I found out what that it is failing out, but I don’t under stand why I took some screenshots of the behavior tree. As stated before if bool isbored is false it switches from random running and checks hunger, but I put a break point and the event never fires The final image is the check for hunger and setting the blackboard value but the very first event never fires

Have you tried to flip the input pins of the “>” in your final screenshot?
So that it compairs the output of the array with HungerLevel? Instead the other way around?

That’s not the problem, the problem is event receive AI never fires. It never makes it that far into the execution. It says that the value is true to move farther down the tree but the starting event in service_hungercheck never fires

Where exactly are you calling the event “Receive Tick AI”?

In the behavior tree, the tree calls the event I have the same event in service_donothing and it fires.

No one has any ideas why this event is not firing?