Behavior Tree and AnimBPs for Enemy AI

Hello! First time posting on here- sorry if I am breaking any rules.
I am trying to create standard FPS friendly and enemy AI. I want the AI to have a few different behaviors - Patrol/Search/Attack/Take Cover…etc. Mainly stuff you would find in a more linear Cod like game. I have started to dive into some tutorials on the behavior tree and I am using Kubolds Animsets from the Marketplace.

My question is- What is the best way to go interact between the AnimGraphs/locomotion and Behavior tree? Is there a way to do it all in the behavior tree with custom tasks? I am new when it comes to working with anims and behavior trees so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

For me BT’s are among the most abstract things in UE, I was only able to use them successfully after using the examples from this pack Dynamic Combat System - Bundle in Blueprints - UE Marketplace Still, even a wait/delay can change results. In this pack montages are setup through datatables, and accessed as tasks from the BT.

Things you need to look in to are
AI Controllers and Behavior trees and tasks.
They control all the logic of whatever character bp you assign the AI controller to
check this AI tutorial series out,

Thanks @AlphaWolF! I found Ryans tutorials shortly after posting and have been having a lot of success with learning the basics!