BeginOverlap not working if character is not moving

I want to destroy the actor (character) when a collision is triggered between it and an obstacle, which is constantly moving. The problem is that even if the obstacle is moving, if the character isn’t moving, nothing happens when they come in contact, the character just passes through the obstacle. Still, there’s no problem if the character is moving, it is destroyed just like it should.

This is the character’s blueprint:

And this is the character’s and obstacle collision configuration (Obstacle actually has “ECB Yes”):

just wanted to ask. why you set all the collision channel to ignore except for obstacle??

Well, the game is a pretty simple one, you control a space ship and dodge the obstacles. So, I decided to create a special type for the obstacles since they would be the only thing that is supposed to collide with the player. That and the fact that I’m pretty new to UE so sometimes I just don’t know what I’m doing.

Hi Death

Set everything on overlap… If it is simple, then this will no be a issue.

Having the branch for Game over, seem redundant as this is only called in this section. If game over, overlap would not happen.

Why this is not working while moving, I can not see why?