Beginning with UE4

Hi All

I basically work on C. This is my first endeavor into UE. What I am interested in is the possibility to make an intuitive UI using UE4. Essentially, a 3D UI (for some application) in which I can browse around and see the different options as objects that we can interact with.

So, now to the question : How do I start ? I mean, I am going through a lot of tutorials. But, I see blueprint tutorials and also C++ tutorials. I am not quite sure where to begin. Have had some C++ experience in the past which I can brush up. But, what should my plan be ?

Is blueprint tutorials and using already existing assets from the engine enough ? Or in what scenarios will I have to dig into C++ to get stuff working ? What should be an optimal (optimal doesn’t necessarily mean easy) course of action to get a decent enough grasp on UE4 ?


Start working your way through the editor and blueprint tutorials. Then learn at least the basics of general C++. At this point you can start using C++ in UE4.

You can do a lot using only blueprints.

When you say that I can do a lot using only blueprints, does it mean that I can make objects that I can interact with, without any code at all. Lets say, I want to make an object and If I click on it, it disappears and 3 new objects appear ?

(Just posting the question. I am doing my research in the background. ;))

But of course, I’ve even discovered how to do things that nobody else has ever done before in BPs.

Here is a list of things I have done that work in multiplayer:

•A chest that opens and closes
•A gun that fires bullets with bullet spread & gun recoil
•Custom character movement (smooth crouching, sprinting, jumping)
•A visual foliage placement tool (see the “Place Foliage at Run-time” in my signature)
•A world generation algorithm that generates a world similar to Terraria/2D Minecraft
•A day/night cycle system(Seasons, moon phases, latitude, time/change at run-time)
•A bird that randomly navigates the sky

You need to understand that blueprints can do nearly everything you want, the only complaints I have:

•Voice chat via BP(Not sure if you can do this)
•No Quaternion math nodes
•Need a few more conversion nodes for rots and transforms (not much of a problem)

Full games can be made using blueprints, but you’ll want C++ for some more advanced things like advanced AI pathfinding…

Awesome. :slight_smile:

Lemme read on then… I am currently going through “Massive UE4 Tutorial Playlist”. Hope that has everything that I need. Please do suggest any other good content that you have come across. :slight_smile:

And lemme just post a few questions while I try to find the answer myself. :wink:

As I said in my first post, the intention is to make a intuitive UI. Something like a first person world where I can see objects around me. So,

  1. Should I start with an empty project ? Or maybe take a first person project and build on top of it ?
  2. If I open a first person C++ project, can I still just work with blueprints and use code if necessary ? Or the other way round - that is open a BP project and then add code to it if needed ? Is this even possible ? :slight_smile:
  3. In the end, the UI runs on by laptop, and I wanna communicate with something remote. Lets say, a UDP server application running on my Raspberry Pi ? Is there inherent support for this, or should I add code for this ?
  1. I suggest you first start off with a template, and then later on start a new project from scratch once you are familiar with the engine.
  2. Code and blueprints can be used in the same projects, as well as with each other…
  3. I have no idea about using Raspberry Pi with UE4, but I highly doubt that someone hasn’t made something that allows you t do that, just do some research.

Wokie. :slight_smile:

Lemme familiarize with the editor first. :slight_smile:

And I did not exactly want UE4 engine or the application to directly interact with the Pi. Rather, just be able to open a socket and send some data over to the Pi. Which I would assume should be possible - its C++ underneath anyhow right ? :slight_smile:

Start with the FPS blueprint template. You can add C++ code to it later, mixing code and blueprints.

As you said, anything you can do in C++ is possible. And as it is 99% a superset of C you can do most of the coding the way you are used to.

Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

Currently going through the tutorials just to get a feel of all that is possible and how to do them. In the the second pass I will start doing some hands-on I suppose. :slight_smile: