Beginner's Tutorial seems to be missing some information

I’m wondering if anybody could fill in the blank for me. I’ve been working on the beginner’s tutorial here:

I’ve been able to follow it up to the point of building the structure, implementing the lighting and adding a couple of props… What I’m not understanding is that the Tutorial uses one ‘Box’ to form a wall on the left and cut out a piece of it to form a window… Then they form another box to form the wall at the back and cut out another piece to form the door… I can’t seem to do that without using three separate boxes, but then when I go to add the material on the next page, it looks awful.

It seems the Tutorial is missing this information and doesn’t explain how they cut out a piece of the box shape to form the window and the door. Can anyone explain this…?

Hey there, so this wasn’t a BSP tutorials. What you need to do is use BSPs. Then you could just subtract it from the other BSP. That is probably what they used. Unless there’s a wall with window cutout in starter content.

Regardless, use BSPs, subtract it from another BSP, now you have a hole, use the window frame, and window, viola. But, it does state at the very end that there are walls in the Architecture folder.

No idea, I don’t use Starter Content stuff. But if the walls are not there, then use BSPs.

I can add a wall no problem using a ‘Box’ under BSP, I just can’t seem to figure out how to cut pieces out of it to form a door and a window as they did in the beginner’s tutorial. There’s no explanation on how that was done.

You are not reading what I am typing… Or what they typed.

I just opened up a new project in 4.14.2 and added starter content…

I then opened up the Architecture folder…

And viola, look what I found:

Do you not see those in the ARCHITECTURE folder?

Also, the explanation was at the very bottom of the page like I showed you in my gyazo snap.

Oh, I see it now. Thanks.