Beginner's Question About Interactive Tennis Game

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner game developer, currently trying to learn unreal engine.

I have a question about how to make an interactive tennis game,
where you don’t have a tennis court nor a racket, but an empty space where
you just see the tracking line of the ball as it travels to infinity.

The lines have random shapes every time you swing the racket and hit the ‘ball’
(maybe a continuous line or a dotted line).

As for the way you play the game, i’d like to use a racket with a sensor
and the game will be played on a big screen.

The question is, is it possible to make something like this in unreal engine
or is there any template that i can use?

I attach a link to a video where a company made something similar.

Thanks in advance!!!



It’s absolutely possible to do something like that in Unreal.

To create the lines/patterns you would make the ball either spawn shapes as it moves or add points to a spline mesh.

For the racket, it might be easiest to go with a Vive-tracker attached to a racket (you don’t have to use the VR headset), as that gives you reliable tracking without having to make custom tools to get the movement of the racket.

Not sure if there is a template that you could use. But it would be fairly easy to get something like that up and running.

Let me know if you need som guidance.

And welcome to the wonderful world of game development :slight_smile: