Beginners guide to Unreal in 2021. Where does someone start? (Just finished my 1st month in Unreal)

Hey all,

Just finished my first month in Unreal Engine 2021 and am having a blast. Excited to be gearing up for what UE5 has to offer. I’m trying to be a good citizen and give back where I can. I know there are other n00bs out there like myself, so I thought I’d reflect on my first month and pass along some of my thoughts and learnings from my experience thus far.

If you’re not new to Unreal, feel free to watch and critique and share your feedback.

Obviously these are all my opinions based on my very limited exposure thus far. I’m sure I’ve misspoke or incorrectly identified things here and there throughout. Open to feedback, but try to go easy on me, I’m a natural introvert haha. If there are any significant missteps I’ll certainly go back and attempt to correct.

My initial thoughts are that I need to get rid of Ummms, and also try and find a way to shrink content into 15 minutes tops. Attention spans are generally low amirite?