beginners course for making cg animations inside unreal engine 4 using cinemattics

One of the most annoying part of learning unreal engine for making movies is that 99 percent of the tutorials especially last year were geared towards game creation since technically the engine was made to create video games such as fortnite. However, I truly believe UE4 can do more than that.

So today i will share with you my very first paid course that i call Learn Unreal Engine 4 for Filmmaking Beginners Edition. This course is for you guys out there who are wanting to try unreal engine for the very first time. In 1 hour and 40 minutes you will go from installing unreal engine 4 to exporting your very first animation in unreal engine 4. This course is a 0 to hero meaning you will go from knowing nothing inside unreal engine to being able to export a cg animated movie.

Link to the course: Learn Unreal Engine 4 for Filmmaking Beginnners Editio - fPvLTjxD

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