BeginnerQuestion... : What can i do with the Output Delegate?

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What can i do with the Output Delegete - Pin in a Events Blueprint?


Delegate nodes usually assign a new means to firing an event. Like, SetTimerByEvent is a node that can set a countdown to firing an event and repeating that countdown indefinitely until told to stop (you could achieve the same with a delay node that loops back to the beginning). There’s also a dedicated set of nodes to monitor and change that timer.

Other delegate nodes you can find by searching “bind”. Basically every event you can see on the details panel of a component can be manually bound to a custom event (probably). Like, drag off a reference to a component, then get a BindOnComponentHit node. Now every time that component hits something, it will fire that hit event (sound familiar?). You can use this for easy blueprinting where the actor that spawns a bullet, can tell when that bullet hits something, without building a class for the bullet with a reference to you (the parent class). I would not advise using that in a multiplayer scenario, but it’s still useful.

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Oh… can you make a picture of an example please? I see i have some trouble…
I can bind to…and than make an event, but i cant connect this to Tick for example
What can i do with the Tick, for Example


Or here?


The Event is not what drives the Delegate node. It’s the Delegate node that drives the Tick (actually you can’t drive tick with anything except for just deleting it and then turning off “should this actor tick?” checkbox in the class defaults).

BindEventToTextChanged is going to fire off your CustomEvent_0 every time the text is changed.


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Thank you again!
Now i understand all