Beginner tutorials source?

I am new to UE4, and have little in the way of coding experience other then a small amount of UDK.

I want to start from the bare bone basics with some tutorial projects.

I was going to go with unity for my game, but their insane new pricing model has made them a no go zone,
Unity had a great section of tutorial projects that provided all the materials in order to make a small but varied selection of games.

i noticed the closest UE4 has to this is the videos section.
Are these the best source for beginner tutorials?

Or is there another site or something that would do me much better?

I have tried to look on google, but i felt asking here may yield better results in less time.

Welcome to the community! You will enjoy UE4 big time…

I would recommend a few tutorials:

  1. Start with the Unreal tutorials: — They are really good and will get you started.
  2. Once you dabble with #1, go here: null - YouTube – This is an excellent tutorial and he does a great job of explaining OOP stuff.
  3. Read the Unreal Documentation. Its actually quite good. I’ll just pick a topic and roam through there… And, they have tutorials there as well. Just click the DOCUMENTATION in the menu above.
  4. There is also a cool wiki… Right near the documentation in the drop down.

That should take some time… Good luck!


cheers :slight_smile:

ill have a rummage through them.

hopefully they give me enough to get started.

or at least the info to ask the right questions.