Beginner Tutorials For Newly Released Unreal 5 Engine?

I am completely lost with this program! I import models and textures with Bridge but cannot place them or even get a ground texture to work. Cannot figure out how to select models after they are placed to alter them…I getting very frustrated. Following “look easy” tuts on YouTube leads me to walls because the UI is so different. Stupidly I uninstalled the earlier release of UE 5 which most of the tuts on YT were made with. What I am asking is there a place that will walk a beginner by the hand with UE 5? Thanks much!

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This video is almost five hours long but it will help you a lot understanding the engine.

The UI of the 5.0.1 is not so different from the Early Access or Preview versions, you shouldn’t have many problems

I will watch the tutorial…Thank You!

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