Beginner searching for Chats and explorating UE4 together :) ENG/DEU

Hey, I am Nova and I would love to meet people that would like to chat via discord while working on their projects or even people that would like to give some tipps & tricks to a starter :slight_smile:
A friend of mine is also learning code, so we could do fun projects in the future together :slight_smile:

Hey you can add me on discord Blitzpl#2171 i am working for project and we can talk via discord and learn each other :).

you can add me Leonsius#8638

add me n123q45#0797, ive got years of modding ark using unreal, but im always down to learn new things

Hey y’all! Just as a side note I fkn love ark but can I add y’all too? I’m somewhat a beginner too but having a few buds to share new learnings with could be cool:)

Hello there, I am starting out as well, have good experience with javascript, lately golang and now I am learning C++ using a book. Would be nice to have some buddies to talk with during my starting point, who knows we don’t get along and build something together :smiley:

Add me on discord as well DarkLink#8476

Just added y’all who left ya discords in case you’re wondering who added y’all haha

Huân#1252 for you all.

I would like the extra help to learn UE4 and Programing I would like to join your discord. KDHuman#6054

Hi, somewhat new to UE4 and would like to join the Discord as well. halparket#7411

Hey, if someone want to add me -> AMDeluxe#0062