Beginner questions for moving Unity to Unreal

Hi there,

I’m working on a 3d game project for a more than a year in unity.I complete most of game code however I can’t reach graphichs level which I desire. Then I try to work with UE4, test results are good enough to search solutions for migration.

And of course I need some direction and or counselling for some small details.

My game is Virtual Novell style 3d point and click adventure. 95 percent of game is camera position, character position, character pose and dialogue.It was like comic book. Each frame has diferent camera angle, character pose and dialogue. And it was triggered from code.

When I design the game in unity, its very easy. Put characters in the scene, move camera position you like it. then clone all their position and location to a marker object. If I need custom pose for character. Fire up a Animation asset make pose render it and use later.

When game start use those markers to position, camera and characters. When dialogue comes certain step, change locations, poses and camera.

My questions are;

How can clone character / camera position and rotation to another object (in unity editor it was simple copy paste), I can’t find in unreal editor.

Also in unity when I select main camera and press ctl + alt + f. Camera moves the view point, is there any equivalent vay to this ?

Can I create animation (mostly pose) in unreal engine. Or I have to have import from other 3d app (like blender).

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Bump… It can’t be that hard :slight_smile:

Sounds like it could be done with the Level Sequencer. I am not very familiar with the tool myself but it is used to make a cinematic etc.

Right Click the Camera and select “Snap Object to View”. You can give it a shortcut in the Editor Preferences. You might also want to bind “Snap View to Object”

You can create poses with the Animation Editor multiple ways, one simply by creating a static mesh from a pose.

Ok “Snap Object to View” fix camera problem. Many thanks.

Thanks man. And I want to control cameras and characters from json file. Let say each line has a command for the chars or cameras. Camera do this, char do that char say that,

I know it’s comlicated task (at least for me) how ever I want know a starting point let say.

Get a current camera and teleport in code for example

And is there any way to copy position from one game object to another in editor.