Beginner questions about workflow

I am (one of the many people who are) trying to use UE for my arch-viz work. I have run into three issues so far.

How can I import wall objects from Revit?
I have tried fbx via FormZ (where I normally work) and Blender and nothing useful comes out in the UE end.
Is there a problem with "booled "geometry?

How can I get a geographically correct sun?

How to photomatch?
Can I set the viewport to match the background image size, and is there physically “correct” cameras in UE ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback that may save me hours of “barking up the wrong tree”…

When you say “nothing useful”, what do you mean exactly? As in, no geometry at all? Or just messed up faces? How are you unwrapping the geometry?

There’s a cheap Geographically Correct Sun on the marketplace. I’ve just purchased it, not used it yet so can’t comment on how good or bad it is.

Try out the cinecameras. Keep in mind it’s not an out-and-out visualization program, so it’s not always suited to archviz in traditional, ray-traced ways.

Thanks for the reply, Elliot.
I think the answer to get usable geometry into UE4 from FormZ is to triangulate everything.

I am checking out Blender and I am - so far - impressed. (Confused, but impressed.)
Does anyone know if it is possible to import geometry with the new Blender (PBR?-)materials into UE4?

To export from Revit to Form Z or Sketchup, you want to use DWG format in default 3d view. I have attached pictures of the settings.