Beginner question on building/compiling

hello there !

Id just like to know the ropes around U4 regarding when to restart the editor after code changes, and how many times I should build/rebuild and when to use the compile button from within the editor !
I am currently constantly rebuilding changes, since it surely includes the code that Ive tampered with, but my project file is almost 3GB in size for a simple side scrolling project prototype :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hope someone can help with such a trivial task

kind regards

As long as you change in the source code, you need to build the game/editor it depends what code you have changed. And keep in mind When building in Visual Studio, you are only compiling the game project, not the Unreal Editor (according to the documentations). this page might help you to better understand the process :

If you add a new method or override some virtual function then you need to recompile. (close editor.)
If you have some math or what ever and your only changeing some variabels then you can compile from Editor.

much obliged for the assistance guys !! The advice was very helpful