Beginner Question: Landscape Materials

Hello. Very simple question with probably a very simple answer but I couldn’t find it in the tutorials I watched. How do you create a landscape that will let you use both The Island and Scorched Earth materials/textures (including Redwood)? The tutorials I watched all use Mat_TheIsland… for the landscape material. I suspect maybe there’s one that’s a package that includes all of them. Does anyone know which this is? Or can you somehow add more than one to the landscape? Or do you use more than one landscape?

Also, bonus question: if I were to do it the hard way, how could I add additional materials to the Target Layers under the Paint tab? I tried dragging them in from the Content Browser but that didn’t work. I have a feeling you may have to do this in some Material Editor.

Thanks for any help. As you can tell, I’m fairly new to this, despite having watched some tutorials.

there isnt a tutorial on it u would have to add the textures from Scorched Earth to your own Custom TheIsland Landscape material

Thanks spezz

Did you manage to do that gamecreatorc ? Because i tried to do it but it don’t seems to work at least the layers. If you did can you screen shot the material editor’s tree that you got ?
*i will reinstall the app seems i deleted something or disconnected someconnection because not even the original mm_schorchedearth is having usable layers. (i am still looking forward to your tree :wink: )

The answer is here: Adding the island&scorched earth layers on same material(mm) - ARK: Survival Evolved - Epic Developer Community Forums