[Beginner Question] How (in what tool) would I write workflow plugins for UEditor?

TL;DR: need to get some productivity scripts/plugins for UE4. How would I go about automating stuff like material editing, mesh import, material replacing, etc).

Hi all,

I’m just learning the engine, or more specifically assessing how/if I would like to use it for my archviz work. But right off the bat I can see I’m going to have to laboriously rework my materials/assets collections to UE4.

So the question is: how would I go about, for example, making a productivity script for UE which would walk my textures folder and based on naming schemes, take in all jpegs with “_d”, “_b”, “_s”, etc. suffixes, and out the other end produce UE4 materials for those textures?

Can this be done with visual scripting (Blueprints)? Or C++ (I would have to learn, but I’m hesitant as this is no time-sensitive code - generally I don’t intend to code in any per-frame operations, I’m more interested with extending the editor itself)? Any other options?

Thanks a lot!

I think you would need C++ for that, but a lot of that stuff can be exposed to Blueprints so it makes your workflow easier. So in your example with the jpegs, you basicially could write a simple C++ code which adds a node which returns an string array containing the paths of every _d file, every _b file, and every _s file. Then, you could write another node which loads a jpg to a Texture2D variable which then can affect materials through blueprint. The VictoryBP library already has a node for doing this.

Thanks, I will try that.