Beginner question - aligning objects

I tried the various snap options and none of them worked…

What I want to do:

I have a wall with a window opening. I want to place another cube, shaped into a window pane to go into that window opening. However, it is kind of a pain - meaning I have to manually eyeball it into place, as well as size it. As a beginner, I’m assuming there are many cases like this - where you have to precisely place objects in relation to each other. Sometimes you want objects to JUST touch each other. Sometimes you may want a corner of a cube to touch precisely in the center of a circle.

It seems error prone to try to manually place it. Is there a better way? Sorry if I’m asking in the wrong place. Please direct me to the right place if so.

I think that manually is the case. Wait to see in big companies where the programmers add collisions to every single object by hand :smiley:

Have you already tried vertex snapping? :slight_smile:
Otherwise just go into the orthographic view and do it manually

Ok, thanks for replies. If manual is the way to do it, I feel better, knowing I’m not being inefficient.