Beginner Question about Set Relative Rotation

Hey Hypersapien

I understand you correctly that you would like to rotate the specific handle from one rotation point to another through Overlapping?

Than I wouldn’t use Lerp for Vector but Lerp for Rotator (search RLerp or Rotator Lerp). Means also that the Beginning and End should provide Rotation information. So basically Handle Start/End need to be of Type Rotator.

For your second question: 360

Hello Folks-
I just completed [this][1] tutorial (up until the overrides section), and was hoping to apply the principles I learned to my own scene. The problem is, this tutorial uses a Set Relative Location node, where as the door in my scene has a handle that needs to be rotated (think of a circular wheel on a submarine hatch).

I thought it was going to be as easy as swapping out the Location node for a Rotation one, but I noticed the former asks for a vector input, and the latter asks for a rotator input. It did automatically generate a Rotation from XVector node for me, but ultimately my door isn’t working and I’m not sure if this is the issue. So I have 2 questions:

  1. How do I modify this node network to control rotation instead of position (on the X axis)?

  2. When I am entering a value to represent the rotation I want, assuming I want one full rotation, would I enter “360” or “1”?

Thank you for your time =)

Success! Thank you, Martin. I don’t know if it is improper etiquette here on the answerhub to expand upon my original question, but I would like to take my blueprint to the next level…

Currently my blueprint works as follows:

  1. Player enters trigger volume,
    presses and holds the E key (not
    pictured in original screenshot).

  2. The handle/crank on my door spins,
    and then the door slides open.

  3. If the player releases the E key,
    the animation reverses, thus closing
    the door.

That much I have working correctly. Now what I would like to do is make it so that if the animation finishes and the door is completely open, I no longer want the animation to reverse and close the door.

I’m not quite sure what this logic would look like in a node network. Could someone point me in the right direction?