Beginner question about blueprint "spliting"

I have started with UE4 and blueprints. First I created a little level and then I “coded” a door with LineTrace because I don’t like the box trigger way.
I added the LineTrace to the FP Blueprint. At the end it calls a custom event from another blueprint called “Door”

That works fine and the door works like I want it. But now as u can see on the screenshot I do a cast to door but when I do that with all elements that I want to include this BP will get over blown.
Now my question is: what’s the best way to “split” it. I think I have to get the object name and do something like if object name = Door call the correct BP.
Can someone tell me if I are on the right way?

Thanks in advanced.


Maybe this question is wrong?

If you just want to know if it’s a door - you can grab the “Hit Actor” and do “Get Class”. Then you take that class and get “Equal”. That result (a red bool) you then hook into a branch. But without a cast, you won’t be able to access your “Open Close”.

You could look into interfaces and create one for everything interactable, or everything “open/close”'able. Then you can check if what you traced has that interface and call its function.

PS. Don’t you wanna connect the Return Value in your trace to the branch?