Beginner query, paid work

Hi, my name is Dean, just a little about me before I state my question.
I’m 38 years old, I was born and live in cornwall, I’m self taught artist but feel I have much room for improvement. I’ve studied art at gnvq level and also briefly studied photography and have a hnd in multimedia design. Though since finishing my last course over a decade ago of which was a bit of a farce I’ve only worked menial jobs.
Im currently attending a course via reed in an attempt to get myself out of the rut of temp employment and do something i’d enjoy doing in terms of employment. Always loved comics sometimes try to write my own (2000ad, the Authority infact anything by Warren Ellis can’t get enough of his work) sci fi and video games, first console I had was a mega drive also had a master system and SNES PlayStation currently have xbox, really into rpgs, so have been looking at getting into video games, maybe bit late into the game and think could be biting off more than I can chew at this age, but hey f’ck it right!?
I have a chance to get a pc for free which I’m going to need in order to play around with unreal engine and things like blender 3D, but I need to justify than it will be used to help me make a living.
Still knowing next to nothing i’d still like to ask how would I go about selling my idea/game once developed?

Apologies if this sounds like a dumb thing to ask

There’s three ways to make a game:
-Do it yourself (something small enough that’s within your capability) - only issue there is having a good enough idea and the motivation to complete it, the big mistake people make there is trying to do a project they are not capable of doing
-Pay people to make it - the issue there is having the money, most people can’t do this option and also if you’re trying to pay for a game and you don’t have experience developing a game then it’s not going to go well
-work in the industry and make your way up to a position where you can work as game director for a publisher - this option is the most practical, it just takes much longer. If you can pull together a team of industry professionals you can also work to get publishing deals to make your own games.

What doesn’t work:
-trying to make a game yourself that you can’t possibly do
-trying to get people to work with you for free - I haven’t seen any projects like this work, the only way it can work is if you’re all professionals and you’re dedicated enough to work on the project together
-trying to convince a publisher to make your game idea - they don’t care about your game idea
-trying to do a kickstarter when you don’t know what you’re doing (also, most kickstarters greatly underestimate how much funding they need)