Beginner Q : confused about 'player start'


This is my first ue4 project, and I’m feeling a bit confused about the ‘player start’.
I’m trying to make a coin dozer game. I have a pawn BP instance (with camera component) in my scene. I have positioned it so that it overlooks the game board. I have also enabled mouse input in the pawn BP.

My Q : do I still need to put a player start in my scene, at the same location of the pawn BP instance, or will my setting work as is ?

Thanks !

I’m a bit surprised nobody has answered this Q yet … :confused:

So : to people ‘out there’ that have made something similar to what I’m trying to do (a card game, board game, …) : how have you handled this ???

This is my first ue4 project, after having done some small u3d projects … I would really like to know how to do this stuff ‘properly’ in ue4.

Thanks !

Oh, I actually started writing message yesterday, but W10 decide to install new version of itself and I forgot to come back to this post ~_~
Anyway… :slight_smile:
UE4 by default instantiate a set of different objects including pawn you choose to spawn in GameMode settings. So basically you should choose your pawn in Blueprint → GameMode settings, rather than placing it manually in Level editor. Instead of spawning pawn manually - just place starting point.