Beginner Programmer looking for Project

Hey all,

I’m looking for a group to join so that I may develop my skills while creating something as part of a team. I have used UE4 since it’s the release and have some experience in every aspect. I have been using blueprints mostly for many years but have been transitioning my skills towards C++. I know Javascript and some C# so felt it’s time I understand C++. I have a degree in Games Design and credited in Shadows:Awakening (was QA and Story aspects mostly). I have also worked on a fan-based Star Trek project called Stage9 (sadly shut down by CBS, you can check out videos on youtube though)

I feel working in a group really brings out the best of my learning and programming and the sense of progress in achieving shared goals. With this in mind I’m looking for a project that I can help develop along with my skills. Ideally, I would like a group to already have some members who are active. If anyone is interested or has a space they believe I would fit well into please feel free to message me and we can have a chat. Look forward to talking with you!

All the best and stay safe everyone

  • Calcorso

Hi there, i wanna develop an Android game and i try to get a team to work, so for detail add me on discord : STEFAN#2244 or Email :

Hello there Calcorso,

We are a small indie team that has been working on a new MMO title 'Rise of Titans" and are always looking to welcome some new team members to help us accomplish this big project. We have made incredible progress with completing the framework, map in development and putting together main features for the MMO. Depending on your interest there may be some great options for you to explore with us!

Please email me at [EMAIL=“”] for more information or you can message me through here as well. Either works!