Beginner Problems Setting up Game Mode / Player Start

Have used Unity fairly extensively and switched to Unreal Engine as it seems to be built more how I think, and the blueprint system seems very fast for prototyping stuff, but have some initial problems:

  1. What determines what spawns at Player Start object? Is it just what you set the Default Pawn Class to in World Settings?

  2. If I start in the 2d Sidescroller template create my own Character Blueprint and set the Default Pawn Class to it in World Settings it still uses their 2DCharacter Blueprint, unless I go to delete it and replace the reference. How do I change this reference without deleting the original blueprint that comes with the template?

  3. Where do I adjust which keys the 2D Sidescroller template uses for movement / jumping etc.? I thought they would be inside the CharacterMovement Component or in the Event Graph, but they aren’t in the template?

Thanks for any help!


  1. This is set by your Game Mode. For some reason there’s three different places you can set this: In Project Settings - Maps & Modes, in the World Settings for your level, or in your Game Mode blueprint. If you change the default pawn class in world settings or project settings, it’s really changing it in your game mode. You can see if you change any of the game mode options in world settings, your game mode blueprint in your content browser will get the little star icon that means it has unsaved changes. You can set the default game mode in project settings and if you want a particular level to use a different game mode, set that as the “GameMode Override” in World Settings.

  2. I tried this and couldn’t reproduce the problem. However, for some reason the character already placed in the level seems to override any player start actors you put in. I’m not sure why this is. If you delete it and add it again it works correctly(the player start should make it’s own pawn and use that).

  3. Keybindings are a global thing for each project. You can set them in Project Settings - Engine - Input. You CAN hard-code things to specific keys in a blueprint, but that’s a pretty stupid way to do things.

Hey , thankyou very much for the help. I had another beginner question, I wondered if you could help me with: Choosing what Input controls? - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums