Beginner on Unreal Engine 4 / Need advices

Hello guys !

I don’t know if my subject is in the right place so if it is, don’t hesitate to let me know!

I’m a beginner on Unreal Engine (I downloaded UE4 two days ago) and I had several questions

I recently purchased the WORLD CREATOR 2 ( terraingeneration software) and would like to export my creation to Unreal Engine to add details (grass, rocks, trees and other things). I have done several tests with some of the tutorials on YouTube and I have difficulties.

When I have to export my creation from World Creator 2, I use the SYNC tool of the software that allows me to easily export something to Unreal Engine… I understood how to import my terrain except that when I import it ( Heightmap file in RAW format) I have my terrain but not the rest ( Textures, colors etc.) my terrain is "grey " in very bad quality and in my SYNC TOOL folder created during the export, I have 3 files: splatmap.tga and an XML file… What should I do with this splatmap file? How can I get my land back exactly as it is in World creator?

The second question is: There is a market on the launcher, it’s cool but if I want to use my own props, how do I do it? I mean: I have Blender ( 3D software) so if I want a tree ( that I can’t find on the epic games market) and I want to model it on Blender, do I have to do anything else to make my file respect ( or not) the Unreal Engine conditions? Can I just model it and import it simply? And with my prop, can I use unreal engine’s foliage tool?

And if I want my tree to react to the wind in my unreal engine, do I have to do something special in Blender for that or does everything happen on Unreal Engine?

Thank you for your attention, if my questions are not understanding enough, tell me and I will try to explain myself better.

Note: I am French so my English is not very good and I use a translation software to post here lol:)

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