Beginner needs help setting up camera for horror ride project

I’ve been working on a horror ride project where the player rides through a series of horror sets. I’m stuck on trying to get the camera set up for the player to ride in the cart. The player doesn’t get it the cart, but starts out inside the cart. I have the “Train, Rail and Rollercoaster” pack from the marketplace and there’s an example rollercoaster set up, but I don’t know how to move that set up to my game level. The creator of the product is unresponsive, so I’m hoping someone can walk me through the process.

I’m making some slight progress. I’ve studied the demo map provided with Train, Rail and Rollercoaster that puts the camera in the car with the pov of the player. After copying the demo_pawn and the coaster_pawn (the actual cart mesh), I noticed that there is a scene blueprint that connects them all up together. I tried re-creating the blueprint, but can’t call the actors I need (demo_pawn, coaster_pawn). All I get is a “cast demo_pawn”, etc. I’ve attached a screencap of the blueprint. If anyone has the time, I could sure use the help.