[Beginner] Need Help with a blueprint - don't know where to start :(

I am looking to create a blueprint that scales the main character as he runs over a collision object in a 3rd person camera, but don’t know where to start. I’m trying to wrap my mind around this blueprint concept and wonder how this can be done, when i attempt to scale the character the camera doesn’t scale as well.

Anyone that could help would be awesome! I feel that I am missing something easy, thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

You can scale, not an issue. You will need to move your camera to go in closer if going small and out if getting bigger.

It is a component, so you are able to amend it.

Scaling can be done it BP - Set world scale off the top of my head would do it. (Do not have project open at the moment).

Drag in the camera component, you should be able set relative location, if that fails, then use the camera manager to do so.


Here are some things, just quickly




You also need to look at the speed the person walks and max jump height, or it will all be out of whack.


Narghile is awesome!

Thanks so much, I wasn’t expecting such a quick response :slight_smile: I think I understand what you are saying, i’m still trying to grasp these concepts, but I can play around with the info you have given me to see what it gives me. Thanks for pointing out the other elements that I need to be aware of as well when I scale the character. I’m loving the visual scripting power of blueprints, but find it hard to figure out what i need clearly. Thanks again!! I’m sure i’ll be asking lot more about this process soon on this forum :slight_smile:

You Rock!!

Growing Values?

So this is what I have so far, I’ve attached it to the q key to make testing easier. I Don’t know if it makes sense, but seems to be working a bit. But i’m having an issue of understanding how to make all the changes grow together as the key is pressed. So basically every time the q key is pressed all these values grow incrementally.



You need to make a variable. unplug everything after scale for now.

Example for scale where you have written 12/12/12.

Click on that pin and drag in off, at the top you with be able to promote a variable. Name that scale for now.

Drag that back into the graph as Set and Get, After Q get the GET, drag off that and hit +, you should get vector + vector.

See below, this will scale X 1 evertime you hit Q. Where I have written 1/1/1, you could also promote that as a variable, so you could adjust the the game. For example in one area, he scales by 1, in another area, he could scale by 5


Sorry to be off topic, but once you have set the character movement speed for a mine how do you set it so it only stays that way say for around 10 seconds? :slight_smile:


Thanks! Make so much more sense now, I really appreciate taking the time to help me through this, I’m loving the blueprint system more and more through this forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!