Beginner multiplayer using blueprints?

Is blueprints viable for creating a beginners multiplayer game? Something smaller like among us not a fortnite? Even with a bit of C for simplicity and efficiency.

We are making our first game with blueprint and advanced session plugin(free) and sure it’s quite a learning curve compared to single player. But making your game multiplayer automatically brings more life to your game IMO.

Won’t be nearly as performant as C++, but it’s possible.

Take a look at Nativizing Blueprints …

Its possible… But you’re asking the wrong question imo. It’d be better if you said more about what you hope to achieve. Why? Blueprints definitely provide you with some options. But you can close the door on yourself pretty quickly, just by adding something that seemed easy as a single-player prototype. So which parts or aspects of game dev break quickly when using BP only? Anything involving physics and multiplayer is a btch for starters.:wink:

Basically any kind of competitive real-time combat military shooter will prove challenging versus a fun unrealistic shooter. Any kind of multiplayer RTS will probably prove impossible. Since an RPG often falls between the two in terms of complexity, its tricky to call, but again a simple RPG is possible. Haven’t played the game you mentioned (but know it from all the hype) and yes that looks possible at a brief glance. But again read the fine-print above. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW: Even though you ask about BP-only MP… In reality that’s not the whole story, as you’re still heavily dependent on Plugins, which are someone else’s C++. If a creator leaves the marketplace suddenly, you may be left stranded (a growing problem)! For that reason, BP while brilliant - is overrated and not 100% reliable versus having a full-time scripting option within the engine.:wink: There are people betting that’s all about to change though.:cool: