[Beginner] Moving 3rd party content


Is it possibly to move 3rd party content? For example I downloaded a free vegetation pack from a thread on this forum. The pack has a structure like this:


But I would like to be like this:


But when I manually move it the meshes display without materials and textures. How can I make this work with my directory structure?

  1. migrate everything into your own project
  2. move it directly in the content browser + delete the folder structure afterwards -> then it will keep the references :slight_smile:

Do you mean move each individual file? I tried moving the folders, although I didn’t use the migrate tools, I just copied the contents from the original project.

Not every individual file -> when you have all the content from the other project in your new one, just open the engine - select all files in e.g the “meshes” folder (content browser) - move it into the new folder - delete the “meshes” folder. Then you will have a new folder structure + you keep all the references.

Use one of those two ways to get the assets into your own project -> :slight_smile:

Those methods only work if I copy of migrate into the Content folder, if I use subfolders then the result is as per the attached image where they meshes are still looking in the content folder and not into the Content/Environment/Foilage folder.

Is there any way other than manually re-linking them all by hand?