Beginner Material Instance Question

So I’m following along to the Introduction to C++ with Unreal 4 tutorial where they make a pawn glow when he collects batteries.

Despite me applying the glow material instance to the mesh component of the blueprint, when I play the game the material isn’t the one I’ve just set up.

In the viewport of the character blueprint the material displays correctly as I’ve got the Materials and Rendering>Override Materials tabs on the right setup to use my glowing Material Instance.
In the construction script I’ve also got my Create Dynamic Material Instance setup just like the tutorial, but the material is never applied to the character in the viewport window or when I start to play the game.

Any ideas please?


Maybe an image will better explain my problem. My glowing material is applied and works correctly on the mesh in my Character blueprint. The thumbnail for the character even updates too. But in the viewport editor the mesh doesn’t update. Why is this?

If I right click on the character in the viewport and choose Find in Content Browser, it selects the blueprint I’ve got open.



if you have a postprocess volume in the level , be sure bloom Intensity is not setted to 0

Thanks Mhousse1247 but I don’t think its a post process issue.

If I select a different material on the details tab on the right it displays on the mesh in the Viewport. Why would it do that when I’ve told it to use the Material Override in the Blueprint Mesh component?



try this

That fixed it! Thanks Mhousse1247 :slight_smile:

The material is supposed to glow when it collects a battery, but that isn’t working - on to another thread…