Beginner looking for team

Game is called Ghost of the Past. Fantasy/Action game. In pre production phase. Story is more than halfway done. Looking for a team to prototype and layout environment and character art.

Short story- A man named Alec aims for retribution and revenge after an old clan friendship turned rivalry destroys his town.
Gameplay is inspired by Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted

-More story driven, but somewhat open world (world size is estimated about the size of assassins creed syndicate or along those lines)
-3rd person perspective
-Sword and weapon based
-game is single player

  • estimated gameplay time is 5-7 hrs. Maybe more depending if side stories are added.
    -scale of project is not small but not big either

Looking for
-Environment artist
-character artist

If interested please email [EMAIL=“”]

You might want to add if its singleplayer, muliti or mmo. Also open world or smaller size. Generally would be nice to estimate scale of your project.