Beginner - Level Creation Tutorial Questions

Hi there, New to UE and worked my way through the new UE4 Level Creation Tutorials, and I have 2 questions I cant find the answers too.

1.) Edit - Fixed this one, had the edit camera set at a weird exposure causing a huge lighting disparity when switching to play mode.

2.) As I move around the environment in Play Mode, some of the props (Specifically the wall beam props) flicker in and out. Again I cant seem to solve this, or find any reference to it in the forums.

Any help much appreciated with either of these. Apologies for noobness :slight_smile:


Hi Springularity,

Would you mind posting this to so we can better assist you?

Thank you and have a great day!

Usually flickering is caused by two surfaces being aligned perfectly trying to be displayed, try insetting them or pulling them slightly away from the wall.

Are you referring to “Z Fighting”? It can really only be avoided by not have two objects fight to be displayed in the same spot on the same plane.

Hi Adam. I posted this to the location specified but haven’t yet been able to solve the issue. Still occurring as of build 4.0.2.

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile: