Beginner in UE4 - VFX

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I`m looking for basics tutorials (Interface, how to use it, what is particles and this kind of stuff) my area of focus is VFX for games, but I can’t find a good tutorial from basics to advanced, how do I begin and Improve my VFX in UE4? Someone can help me?


Not much changed from UE3/UDK to UE4 in the VFX particle systems…so they’re some awesome ones on Youtube and around on UDK worth watching…they’ll teach you plenty that you’ll use on UE4…mostly only GPU particles would require their own tuts from the old engine…

Which you can get a crash course on GPU particles here -

Take a look at those links :slight_smile:

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What`s the importance in drawing fundamentals for a VFX producer?

When you say drawing fundamentals do you mean like, pencil on paper kind of drawing?

If that’s what you mean, I don’t see any reason why you would need to learn how to draw unless you just really want to.
Doing any kind of artistic exercise will improve your intuition about what looks good or bad but it’s not necessary to be great at VFX if that’s just what you want to do. However I will say, drawing might not be of great importance but if you know how to use something like photoshop many of the concepts applied in that software can also be applied to VFX such as color balance, contrast, building things in layers, etc.

It’s really pretty simple, learn from some of the great resources that were posted above and just start creating things. Even the starter content has some great built-in particle systems you can take advantage of. Try and think of lots of different ways you can create something new, try colors you haven’t tried before, different natural effects, gunshots, magic spells, fire, smoke, water, electricity, lasers.

The more things you create the more things you will learn and you will develop a natural sense of how to make things better once you start creating things. If you ever feel like you’re stuck just look for more resources and see how other people have solved problems before you.