Beginner here please help

Hi, i am a beginner & i would like to know a few things.
1, what is the best specs for 4k resolution as well as bringing the absolute best out of unreal engine
2, how do i go about finding people who are willing to join me even though i am a absolute beginner with my game.
3, how much should i share with people & do people really steal game ideas from others?

  1. Best? i7-6950X, NVIDIA TITAN Xp, 128GB of ram, 1TB m.2 SSD. Reasonable? An i7 and GTX 1080, 32GB ram.

  2. If you want to work with other people, you have to have some skill that you bring to the table, or work with friends.

  3. Share everything. Unless it’s a really simple concept that’s easy to copy (Threes and 2048), stealing isn’t a real concern.

I am planning on making my own game company so i am currently learning at least the basics of everything. I will be putting most of my attention towards coding though which is what i am going to working on mastering or at the very least becoming skillful at. I already have about 20% of the game i am working on on paper & another 60% in my head that i haven’t put down yet & the last 20% i haven’t figured out yet. How do people starting at with little to no skill find others taht are willing to work with them or do they only find people once they have a skill?. I have also shared my game with a few people & they were eager to join but some didn’t take it very seriously & others didn’t complete simple assignments that i gave them. Others wanted to take charge & control my project & i am by myself right now & it is getting a little overwhelming. Not the create the game part or even learning how to but not having help of any kind or even someone to just talk to & get feedback from.

It’s very difficult to get an unpaid team to work together. Realistically, you’d have to gain a large amount of experience to have any chance that people will work with you for free.

As far as ideas go, no one’s going to steal your idea since they very often have ideas of their own, which is also a problem when trying to build a team since people are more likely to want to work on their own projects if they’re going to put a lot of time into something.

if you’re learning ue4 you should learn the basics of 3d wiki is a good place to start but you should learn what a 3d polygon is what the x axis the y axis and the z axis is and how they work and all that don’t just jump in you will fall flat on your face

I am starting at the very beginning so i am going to learn everything i need to before i decide on what i want to concentrate on more. Right now i am learning the basics of 3d development. Also, does this mean if i don’t have friends that are willing to join me at the start with no experience i won’t be able to get anyone into i have it. Plus, does this mean that unless i hire people it will be hard for them to work for me even when i do gain experience. Once i get my company up & running i will of cause hire whoever stayed anyway but into that time is it really impossible or at the very least that hard to find people.

The people that are most likely to join your project are going to be beginners as well and that means they have an even lower chance of sticking with a project. Staying motivated is the biggest problem. Game quality standards are higher these days and it takes more dedication to get things done.
There’s many people who post here looking for people to work on their project for free, I haven’t seen any of those projects become even close to actually making their game.
The projects that have more success have funding or are being done by very dedicated professionals by themselves or with a small group of other professionals.

Wow, i didn’t know that. This motivates me even more now. I am not working on a small game by any means but if it isn’t successful i have countless others i will try both big & small. I do have a few funding sites i will be going on but only after i have put a good gameplay trailer out & allow it to circulate for awhile. I have helped a few people come up with ideas for there games because they became stuck. I would have helped people for free if i didn’t have my own goals but i don’t have the time for that plus i work 2 jobs. This is my dream so i will never lose motivation plus i am prepared for both failure & success as often as either comes. As long as i learn from it i will get better & better. I just wish i could find more people like me so it wouldn’t be so lonely in the beginning.

try and see a small game through to release before you attempt a big one.
it will give you an insight into just how much it takes and how many aspects there are to a game and the game engine you dont even think about.
you will also have something to show potential team mates for your big project in the future

best of luck

I have tried doing something small & i just wasn’t into it. I need to do something that my heart is set on or i won’t be able to keep my motivation high. Now if the project i’m working on fails then i will go to my next one which is a lot smaller in every area except story. The story is bigger in that one than the one i’m working on now.

Cheat? Use Indie films as inspiration. You may actually only ever end up with a prototype.
However, that should be enough for others to see potential in the work & want to sign up.
By cheat I mean bend the concept / art / gameplay to what you have available to you atm.

For example a unique / consistent / custom art style may be too much of an ask for now.
But you can still come up with something very compelling that will start to sell itself etc.
To get started just follow the forums, look for similar questions and then pm the author…

I have actually shown a few indie developers as well as gamer’s & i had all positive responses as well as praise. Only problem is i have no skills outside of my ideas which of cause isn’t enough. I am gaining them but nowhere near enough yet. So, for right now am i just on my own?

You have to make a decision: Either start showing some ideas / art-previz / clay-lego models or something etc.
Or start a work in progress thread along with looking-to-hire etc or opt for behind the scenes via PM / Skype etc.

But actually show a few cards here, otherwise no one is likely to engage with you on your project, not like this…
Do you fear someone will steal all your ideas? Only after you make a game do you realize how laughable that is…

Ideas mean nothing until you sell 200k units, then expect everyone to clone your game in-spades everywhere.
But as a novice ideas are rarely ever developed enough in any meaningful way, not at first, that’s just how it is.
Same goes for Film / TV. People often leave the cinema thinking they can make a better film than they just saw. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t done the work in progress yet. I have created threads in both this forum as well as unity but i might have to create new ones because i’m pretty sure the ones i created were no very detailed in any way. As far as the stealing ideas go, i have heard a few stories about them & since i’m new at this i wanted to see what other people thought about it. Also, once i get more experience i will be posted actually physical details about my story, characters etc in a few groups on face book that i am apart of.

Don’t get me wrong, someone may take pretty-heavy inspiration from your ideas, and go off and make their own similar RPG etc.
But everything about games as in life / art is really about execution. Specifically how did you make that / how did you market it?
Its something universal, rather than just a personal view. I’ve had to come around to it slowly after working in Music / Film / TV…

There is still a ton of stuff i need to learn & reading isn’t enough. I also need hands on experience which is what i plan on getting. I can’t even tell you how many books i have ready from marketing, develpoing game & being able to build a business on good foundation & everything in bewteen. I am just knocking them down one at a time into i know enough to go to the next step.