Beginner friendly Mega Man X mechanics Blueprint tutorial video series

Hi there!

I was looking for a while how to create the dash from the Mega Man X games, and I found over 8 places where people were asking, but never got a clear answer they were (apparently) looking for. So I decided to make a Blueprint with the dash, airdash, charge shot, wall slide, walljump and everything else you see on these classic MMX games. While keeping it as simple as I could. I know, it probably could have been better, but it works and from the feedback, it’s easy to understand.
Many were telling me to put this on the marketplace, but Unreal Engine 4 is free for everyone and I never learned C++ (they wanted to teach only Java and C at the University…), so the Blueprint System was a big help for me. This is my way to say “Thank you!” Epic and the community.

Here is the playlist:…WQvFwkgiPWXc4S

I will try to make at least one video per week. I hope this helps someone.

I am working on a game a while ago and I wanted to implement megaman X mechanics and I did not know how to analyze things. I will be very attentive to your videos and contents. I hope I can complete the project with this, many thanks for this.

Very nice!

Thanks a lot! (And sorry for my late response)
After this weekend I’ll dedicate myself to make the walljump and wallslide and what else is missing.

Wall slide and wall jump tutorials are also online. I’ll make another video tomorrow with the shooting mechanic while sliding (should be a short and easy one) and that’s it^^. I couldn’t come up with really good solutions with the last two, but I hope they were useful.


Just wanted to say THANK YOU Xxyoth for this video series!

These vids are really going to help me with my 3D Mega Man X project.

Cool vids Xxyoth, I especially like the speed runs. You’re a talented dude, I hope the game development goes well for ya.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!
Now I’m back and will be uploading new tutorials and other gaming stuff too as soon as I can =). Speedruns are probably a part of it too xD. It’s not my specialty as I used to play shoot’em ups, racing and fighting games at tournaments, but that was a long time ago too.

For those wondering, now there’s a Walljump and Wallslide Blueprint I really like.
I’m not sure how often will I check this thread so I’m just leaving the channel link here: Xxyoth - YouTube

Wish you all a really nice day!

Thanks again @Xxyoth ! Your work helped me out with this Megaman X fan game I put together, check it out!

I still think that walljump/slide is the best I ever seen. Probably going to be using that for my own stuff too. Really appreciate you sharing that one.

[USER=“1188898”]Adam Kareem[/USER] Thanks a lot! I’ve been watching your progress and it’s really looking great! Keep it up!

@TerrorMedia Thanks a lot! I was thinking about that for a long time and I hope it’s useful for your project! =)