Beginner Friendly Blueprint Tutorials

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using UE4 to make games for a few years now and I’ve recently gotten some friends and even a family member into making games with Unreal. Through helping them out, they brought to my attention that they have a hard time finding quality tutorials. Along with that, it became clear to me that while there are beginner tutorials to help teach the engine and some basic blueprints, there are very few tutorials that really teach newcomers how to think about designing/coding/scripting new features. Most of their tutorials had the sole purpose of copy-pasting code with no real learning.

That led me to start making tutorials that are more beginner friendly. To be more beginner friendly, I just finished my first full-length tutorial series (on Tower Defenses) where I did almost no pre-planning. I coded/scripted the game on the fly like I naturally would when making games. This leads to a few more bugs and debugging in the videos, but I also think it provides a much more natural tutorial where I can explain what I’m thinking and why I’m doing it. You can find the series here.

If you are somewhat fresh to UE4 and Blueprints I would really recommend checking out a short series I did on the best concepts to master in Blueprints. I really think the concepts I cover and teach in it are what you need to learn to start being able to making your own games. You can find the playlist here.

Also, I just did a short tutorial on the new God of War axe throwing mechanic. However, it is intended for a bit more of an experienced audience. You can find it here.

Here’s a link to the channel and I hope it serves some of you well!

Dude! I know you, I’ve watched a lot of your videos on youtube. You’re an awesome teacher of your craft. But I noticed you haven’t uploaded in a while. I hope you’re good and well? If you are planning to do more videos soon, I’d love to see more beginner blueprint tutorials. I’m looking all over the internet for short blueprint tutorials where we learn just 1 thing at a time, per video, rather than a whole series to make something work (I don’t know if I explained that right?). Kind of like the spinning cube video you did, simple code and great explanation to the nodes you used and why. I took so much from that video. Anyway thanks for what you’re doing :slight_smile: