Beginner DrawDebugLine question

Hi. Where can I find out what the last 4 parameters of:

DrawDebugLine(GetWorld(), pPawnLoc, pPawnLoc + (RunningRotationVector * 300), FColor(0, 255, 0), false, 1, 0, 1);

does please?


From left to right i believe it’s : bool PersistentLines(do lines stay for ever), float Lifetime(default is -1.0f aka infinite lifetime), unit8 DepthPriority (idk what this does exactly), float thickness (how thick line is default is 0.0f).

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Thanks SaxonRah :slight_smile:

In future it may help you if you check out the Unreal Docs.
There you can find all the Stuff for the API.

In this case:

Or in general: