Beginner could do with some advice with a problem

Hey guys,

Having a bit of a nightmare here with something that I just cant figure out. I followed a tutorial and while its great and it works, It was a bit technical and I dont 100% understand the flow of how it operates.

That said I am trying to basically copy it, as in, duplicate it. It is an inventory system, and I want another window that I am populating with a different array. As far as I can tell thus far, I have gotten the second array to fill as intended, just by overlapping, but I cannot for the life of me, get my slots widgets to populate the inventory window. They work fine in the original main window, but they will not populate inside the next one. Here is an example of the issue I am having.

You can see a print string that should print “Debug Test”. This prints 99 times on launch of my game, which is correct because the array is 99 slots long, but theres no slots appearing in my inventory menu. Now I was trying to debug it until I ran into this issue. After it prints 99 in times in game, I cannot get it to update, here is a short gif showing how the ‘flow’ breaks down and I cannot progress as I have no idea why this wouldnt work.

Really would appreciate any help! Thank you!


Edit* I fixed it by checking all the visibilities on all of my objects, one of them had been set to collapsed and apparently that prevents this from calling!

Edit 2* Also a typo, one variable was named the same as an other but ending with an ‘s’ which caused it to break. Hopefully this helps others one day