Beginner C# switching to C++

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My name is Zac Eldridge. I thought I would start off by tell you the back story of my situation. I have just picked up Unity and C# only two months ago so I am just a beginner, but then I came across UE4 but I have no experience with any other language but C# so looking at the “Intro to Programming” video series, I have no idea what to do. I have looked at the wiki for “Unity to UE4” but that is really any help as I have said I was a beginner with C# and Unity. I want to be a Game Programmer as a career in the future (I am 15) and I want to have an early start as I have alot of free time. So I would like to start learning C++ as it is the most used game programming language but I have no clue where to start.

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I’m actually beginner level myself, but maybe you’d find this helpful: (just for getting started with the language).

You might also consider a good C++ programming book like C++ Primer (5th Edition) or Accelerated C++ 2000.

And for UE4 specifically take a look at all the items in this post if you haven’t already:

In terms of number of games, C++ isn’t even close to the most used language. Actionscript (Flash), Java(Android) and Objective-C(iphone/iOS) are probably the most common. Even Python (Eve and C# (Unity and MonoGame) are used in some major games.

C++ is mainly used in AAA titles, due its performance characteristics and for historical reasons. Game Programmers who work on AAA titles mainly work on infrastructure (the engine, AI, networking, etc) while level designers and environment artists work on the game itself. One of the primarily reasons for Blueprint in UE4 is to make it easier for the designers and artist to have more control over their work without involving the C++ guys.

The point of that is, what do you really want to do when you get older? If you’re goal is to be a programmer working on AAA games like GTA V or Watch Dog, focusing on C++ is a good choice, but not necessarily the best to start with. If your goal is to build small games, or design levels for AAA games, focus on Blueprint for UE4 or C#/Unityscript for Unity as a starting point.

I am questioning myself this also. I have 2 years of experience in Java, so how hard would it be for me to switch to c++?

Not that bad. You might findthis article helpful. However, UE4 does address some of the issues such as object lifetime with it’s own garbage collector.

Check out the UE4 C++ tutorial on Youtube, it’s very good :slight_smile:

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