Beginner C++ Question, Include

i created the file UsableActor.h with rightclick on the folder MyProject.
And now i want to include it into my MyProjectCharacter.cpp with:

#include "UsableActor.h"

But there is the Error:

Fehler	1	error C1083: Datei (Include) kann nicht geöffnet werden: "UsableActor.h": No such file or directory C:\Users\Chris\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject\Source\MyProject\MyProjectCharacter.cpp	6	1	MyProject

Sry parts of it are german.

How could i include this?

Where has the file been created?

I think that by default, Visual Studio will put the file in Intermediate rather than Source. Could you check this, and if so, move the file into the Source folder for your project.

Note: The “Add Code to Project” option in the editor doesn’t have this problem, and will put the newly generated file(s) in the correct place.